The mind has enormous power to manifest our deepest desires when we apply it wholeheartedly. But all too often our roaming minds are weakened and drained of vitality by our habits and fragmented attention. The key to spiritual practice, as well as worldly success, is to place the full power of the mind into our resolve, and for that the mind must be unified and stabilized. Tantra teaches us how to concentrate the energy of our senses to stabilize the mind and direct its power into our convictions and intentions (sankalpa). Experience how the senses are expressions of our life force —prana, and give shape to our sankalpas and strength of character. We’ll look at the five cognitive senses and the five active senses from the perspective of tantra yoga and neuroscience, and explore the right use of desires. Each session will include a discussion and related practices.

Together we will cover:

  • The role of the ten senses in spiritual practice
  • How and why we lose energy and vitality through mismanagement of the senses
  • How to use asana to work with the active senses (karmendriyas), train attention, and stabilize the mind
  • Practical tapas to empower sankalpa
  • Resting the senses and rejuvenating the mind with effortless concentration
  • The Siva Sankalpa Sukta: a hymn for auspicious thoughts