The secret to a rich, rewarding life lies in awakening prana shakti—the intrinsic power of being residing in the subtle depths of the body and mind. Tantric yoga practice is particularly effective in bringing hidden wellsprings of resilience, courage, and creativity to conscious awareness, gradually revealing and transforming the contours of our inner being. We’ll explore the intersection of yoga, tantra, and modern science to understand what, why and how to practice to stabilize and enhance physical and emotional well-being, and connect to a deep sense of meaning and purpose in life.

Every session will include discussion and practice. We’ll draw from the oral tradition and tantric texts to explore seldom taught asanas and pranayamas, as well as bandhas, mudras and meditation. Expect some challenges, but generally this workshop is accessible to anyone who has been practicing regularly.

Here are topics we will work with:

  • Alignment in asana and pranayama to awaken shakti and activate the radiant subtle body
  • Application of the bandhas and granthis of tantra in light of anatomy and neuroscience
  • Strengthening your nervous system to take your mind and life off autopilot
  • Applying tantra yoga’s most powerful tools to turn the tables on anxiety, despondency, and grievances, to live a stable and purposeful life
  • Interpreting esoteric and cultural context of tantra for modern times and modern minds