Hatha yoga is a sanctuary for those suffering from all types of pain. For those engaged in sadhana, hatha yoga is the tortoise that supports the world.
Hatha Yoga Pradipika 1.10

Enjoy a long weekend in our beautiful rural sanctuary, and refresh your mind, body and spirit. Whatever your aspirations, the deeper dimensions of hatha yoga can nurture, support and guide every aspect of life. We’ll explore practical applications of subtle body anatomy to stabilize body and mind, and strengthen our connection to the center of consciousness.

Cultivating  proprioceptive awareness and visceral awareness (interoception), we can activate the energetic body and stabilize core alignment to awaken pranic sensitivity. As pranic awareness matures, pranayama and inner awareness practices in shavasana and sitting postures effortlessly awaken the state of rejuvenation and inner fulfillment.

The workshop includes daily asana, pranayama, inner awareness and meditation practice, food for thought, and time for relaxation and reflection. For all those living a worldly life and for all those involved in spiritual practice, hatha yoga is the sanctuary, and the supporting foundation for a radiant body and a radiant mind.

Discussion and practice  topics:
  • Alignment in asana and in sitting posture, to explore proprioception and the space of the body
  • Cultivating stillness in posture and mind to develop interoception (inner awareness)
  • Developing pranic awareness to activate inner healing power with asana, bandhas and pranayama
  • Exploring  aspects of self-identity that deplete or empower us, and the potential of hatha yoga to reveal hidden weaknesses and blocks in our minds and bodies
  • Strengthening the energetic body to enhance your digestion of life experiences
Free Time:

Enjoy the beauty of summer at our campus in the company of like-minded people. Breakfast on the terrace, chat with fellow students over lunch or in the cafe, visit the Sri Vidya shrine, hike our forest trails, tour Moka Origins and sample their chocolate and coffee, browse our bookstore, or simply savor quiet time.

This retreat qualifies for 14.5 CEU credits for Yoga Alliance