This is a unique opportunity to bring the presence of the Divine Mother into your daily life with two yoginis whose richly diverse lives have been devoted to spiritual practice, study, and teaching. Join us as we share over 70 years of combined experience as teachers and practitioners, a broad spectrum of life experiences, and the guidance of a living tradition.

Throughout history, spring has been celebrated as a time of rebirth, renewal, and awakening. In the tantric tradition, nine days and nights in the spring and fall are devoted to celebrating the Divine Mother. This spring join us at this auspicious time to deepen our commitment to sadhana and share inspiration, reflection, and practice as we nourish the roots of inner life. We’ll explore stories from the tantric texts for shakti sadhana, as well as stories from our experiences as spiritual seekers. Enjoy asana and pranayama practices specifically for women, sing praises to the Divine Mother, and meditate in the Sri Vidya Shrine. Experience sisterhood, communion with nature, rejuvenation, and the unfolding of inner wisdom at this powerful time of transition.

“When our senses are offered to the Goddess, and our thoughts are directed to the Divine, our lives become sweet and fragrant.”  —Linda Johnsen in “The Legend of Lalita”