Tantric yoga seeks to free us from the internalized energetic patterns, beliefs, and behaviors that enslave us. Inside the tantric framework, the journey to autonomy and joy begins with two pivotal access points in the body—the navel center and the brain center. Integrating the energies of the navel center and the conscious mind awakens the inner dimensions of life, develops discrimination, and focuses our life-energy in deeply satisfying directions. We’ll explore the pranic, psychological, and spiritual dimensions of the navel center, as well as the pranic aspects. Then we can work with the astonishing capacity of the mind to heal and transform every aspect of our being. With this tantric point of view and with the understanding of how the body and mind work in tandem, your current yoga practice can become a vehicle to expand your life and open your heart to inner growth and spiritual awakening.

Topics we’ll explore include:

  • What kundalini awakening really means, and how to begin
  • Practices to access the kunda, the pranic hub of the body, including the subtle application of bandhas and pranayama
  • Why the mind and emotions are so important in mastering the navel center
  • How the brain center regulates the embodiment of thoughts, feelings, and memories
  • Asana practice to explore how pranic shifts manifest in the flow of breath in the nostrils
  • Pranayama to intensify pranic awareness, balance the subtle body, and access the deeper levels of the mind
  • How to line up physical and psychological forces for successful meditation