Explore the way our bodies put us in touch with our inner world, the world of feeling and insight.

The Rosen Method is taught experientially. During our days together you will be held in a community that is practicing attuned, kind touch and listening to one another with our whole body.

You will witness demonstration sessions, with plenty of time for questions and reflection. We will gather in sharing circles and pair up for dyads. In the afternoons we will guide your practice of giving and receiving sessions. Each day you will experience the joy and ease of a Rosen Method movement class. Some evenings you will explore your process working on a creative project.

Rosen Method Bodywork

In Rosen Method we touch tight muscles and the emotions they hold. We also use words — language that comes from feeling the physical responses in our clients’ bodies, and from our own internal awareness.

Rosen Method is a process that is gently self-revealing, allowing a recognition of our integrity and aliveness and of the barriers that restrict us. As muscles relax and the holding-on lets go, we have the opportunity to honestly feel the emotion as it is in the moment and to touch the depth of it.

As we embody the work, we learn to identify what is truthful in ourselves. This awareness, along with the touch and presence of the practitioner, helps free the breath and open the heart to an experience of deep connection with ourselves and others — and with something greater.

“Touch gentles us, calms us, and gives us rest, if even for only a moment. Touch heals us. It brings us back to ourselves, whether we are the ones touching or being touched.”

— Sandra Wooten in “Touching the Body, Reaching the Soul”

Rosen Method Open Center

The Rosen Method Open Center (RMOC) offers the transformative experience of Rosen Method Bodywork and Movement both to those interested in personal development and to those interested in professional certification. We offer several avenues to explore this work: private sessions, workshops, and residential intensives. Our teachers travel nationally and internationally, either in cooperation with other Rosen Method schools or to offer trainings through the RMOC in areas without a school.

RMOC is a supportive community of learning that includes certified teachers and practitioners, interns, students, and participants, all committed to ongoing development of embodied self-awareness and living more authentic lives through the practice of Rosen Method Bodywork and Movement.

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The prerequisite for attending the intensive is to participate in an introductory workshop. There is a workshop scheduled for Tuesday April 2 at the Himalayan Institute.

37 NCBTMB approved CEs available. RMOC is an approved NCBTMB provider # 451023-09