This New Year’s Retreat is unique—it is practice-driven and experiential. Similar to last year, we’ll undertake the core practice of tantra—Rudra Yaga, 64 Yoginis, and Sri Chakra Puja, but in addition to this, special emphasis will be on the in-depth study and practice of Sri Sukta—a cluster of 15 mantras that build the foundation for the most exalted tantric practice of Sri Vidya.

For ages, tantric masters and practitioners have used these 15 mantras of Sri Sukta to re-establish their relationship with the goddess of inner abundance, beauty, and joy—Sri. In popular tantric circles, these mantras are used to combat poverty, disease, disharmony in the family, and to overcome the causes of recurring failures in life. But in the secret tantric circles, these mantras are applied to create a vibrant new reality that cannot be subdued by the forces that throw our lives into chaos. These mantras invoke and awaken the vast number of shaktis of Sri Chakra and direct them to attenuate and eventually eliminate all forms of sorrow and pain, regardless of whether they are a result of our current actions, previous karmas, or mindless deeds of collective consciousness that may have gone haywire.

In this retreat, you will participate in group practice in the most traditional and authentic way. The retreat will begin with the tantric practice of Rudra Yaga and you will have the opportunity to intensify your practice by joining daily group recitation of Sri Sukta. On New Year’s eve, we will conclude with Sri Chakra Puja, recitation of Sri Sukta, and group meditation on shakti mantras that are secretly embedded in the Sri Sukta. In addition to the experiential aspect of the retreat, every morning and evening Panditji will elaborate on the hidden meaning and application of each of the 15 mantras of Sri Sukta.

Preparation for New Year’s Retreat:

Begin learning the Sri Sukta by familiarizing yourself with the mantras, melody, and rhythm. Memorize the verses to whatever extent you can, and trust you are absorbing the power of the Sri Sukta even if memorization is slow. You can purchase a copy of The Sri Sukta and its translation by Pandit Rajmani Tigunait, PhD here.

Although it is not a prerequisite, if you are planning to take part in the Rudra Yaga at the Kumbha Mela in February 2019, this New Year’s Retreat will elevate and enrich your experience immeasurably.