Netra Tantra is the epitome of the tantra of inner healing. The central theme of this scripture is the Maha Mrtyunjaya mantra, the practice that embodies the science of longevity and living a radiant and productive life. The Netra Tantra describes the power of each syllable of the Maha Mrtyunjaya mantra and its application to overcome different health conditions be they of a physical, mental, or spiritual nature.

In this program, you’ll learn the tantric method of practicing Maha Mrtyunjaya mantra, which is far more profound and rewarding than regular meditation on a mantra. You’ll learn how to invoke and awaken Dhatri, the nurturing power of the mantra, and use this nurturing power as your inner guide to identify and conquer the specific obstacles that have been preventing you from finding success and fulfillment in life.

Main points of this study will be:
  1. 14 different conditions that drain the sap of life, leading to weakness, susceptibility to disease, and hopelessness
  2. Awakening Dhatri, the nurturing power of the body and mind, and uniting it with the Dhatri shakti of Maha Mrtyunjaya mantra
  3. Maha Mrtyunjaya mantra and the mantra of the third eye
  4. Enhancing the power of Maha Mrtyunjaya mantra by combining it with the mantra of the third eye
  5. How Maha Mrtyunjaya mantra is practiced in the tradition of Sri Vidya
  6. Daily mini-Rudra Yaga at the newly consecrated havan kunda

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October 2-6, 2019

Sadhana Immersion

This is a rare opportunity and privilege to take your practice to the next height by being in the supremely charged space of the Sri Vidya Shrine. As part of your Sadhana Immersion, you’ll have full access to the shrine, daily fire offering, and satsanga with Panditji. This Sadhana Immersion will give you the experience of a condensed version of the consecration of the Sri Vidya Shrine that took place in July. And, on Wednesday morning, it will conclude with a mega havan. This Sadhana Immersion is an invitation to experience the joy found only at your spiritual home—the Sri Vidya Shrine.

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October 6-9, 2019