Couples Who Prioritize their Relationships Are Happier Than Those Who Don’t

Life can become cluttered with obligations and mundane tasks. Sometimes, healthy relationships can move to the back burner and cause couples to feel like roommates instead of romantic partners.

Laura and Michael Silverstein know how to help.

Join us for a weekend getaway in the mountains to escape the routine. It’s easy to revive your love in as little as three days when you’re in a community of like-minded couples with facilitators who are there to give you personalized guidance.

Couples Retreats Work

We are experts in the Gottman Method of Couples Therapy. This approach has produced positive results for 94% of couples retreat participants.

For the first time, we are teaming up to offer a unique experiential retreat for couples who are passionate about self-growth and relationship health.

We believe in the Mind/Body/Heart Connection.

The Pocono Mountains are the ideal location for relationship rejuvenation. You will learn new skills and practice vulnerability in a safe, beautiful environment far away from distractions and responsibilities.

In This Retreat, You Will Discover
  • How to gently revive areas of your relationship that have been neglected
  • Strategies for understanding each other’s needs
  • Communication techniques that lead to decision-making and problem-solving
  • Advanced listening skills for meaningful conversations
  • Ways to express your love to each other to build emotional and physical intimacy
  • Healthy relationship routines for long-term happiness and connection
Added Bonuses

Learning and growth happen best when we are relaxed and having fun. (Stress hormones decrease cognitive function and retention.) We want you to have fun, build memories and come home with a toolbox full of strategies. This is why the Himalayan Institute is the perfect venue.

Included in this workshop are:

We hope you can join us; You deserve to feel loved!

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Want a private consult with Laura?

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