Healers are leaders. Heal boldly, lead brilliantly.

Every new year is a rebirth of the mission, the movement, that source has called us to. Winter is the natural time of digestion and transmutation: it is a divine mystery how beneath the snow, autumn’s leaves decay, decompose and are recomposed into nutrient-dense topsoil for springtime rebirth.

The same sacred process goes on within us as well.

Every year we grow naturally through the trials and triumphs we experience along the way. Yet those who decide to create the most soul-filling, bold, and deliciously abundant lives make time to leverage the power of this natural growth cycle by anchoring, processing, and integrating the passing year’s teachings. This enables the birthing of newer, more refined strategies going forward into the new year.

This is the call for your rebirth.

Join our tribe for sacred weekend deep within the mystic woods of the Poconos for divine downloads, wisdom circles, and transformational experiences on the path to creating your Visionary Life.

This is a meeting of the masters who are called to receive and probe the mystery and be “she who sees in the dark,” so that we may light the way for those who come after us, brighter and better with time.

This retreat is 100% unplugged—all electronics will be surrendered to the bucket monger during morning and afternoon sessions.