A steady and grounded asana practice is a gateway to freedom—freedom from stiffness, resistance, and negative habit patterns. This yoga retreat asana intensive will teach you a systematic method for undoing any tension, tightness, and fatigue you may have incurred by working, commuting, or simply living. You will learn the fundamentals behind many of the basic and advanced yoga poses. You will begin to safely practice these poses so that you can continue on the path to wholeness and freedom in your own time, in your own unique way. Life presents different opportunities for practice to each of us, therefore it is helpful to understand the fundamental principles that make yoga a practical and systematic support for the journey of life.

This asana retreat weekend is dedicated to yoga postures and sequences designed to free the body, open energy channels, increase physical awareness, and ultimately see why the scriptures talk about asana as a gateway to steadiness and ease.

Some of the questions we will discuss this weekend are:
  • What is the foundation for all yoga poses?
  • What are the different classifications of postures, and what is their purpose?
  • Where is the source of steadiness in yoga practice?
  • Where is the source of ease in yoga practice?
  • How is it possible to combine steadiness and ease in yoga practice?

Recent Testimonials from this Retreat:

I’ve taken many of your classes on Yoga International and have always been impressed with your knowledge, clarity, gentleness, and positive spirit. Your classes are the perfect balance of work/intensity and meditation/relaxation—they are thorough and healing.
Zoe, February 2017
Luke is a wonderful teacher. His enthusiasm for the material is palpable and contagious.  He breaks down the material into delectable morsels and then brings it all together in a meaningful way.  The work was both challenging and rewarding on a physical and a spiritual level. 
Richard C. December, 2016