Your greatest teacher is already inside of you. It could be the inspired creator or the passionate seeker, or even the humble warrior who will chart a new course for you. Whatever your life may have in store, you hold the energy and the insight to make each day an epic adventure.

This three-day retreat blends flowing yoga, legendary stories told with a modern flair, music and chanting, as well as precious time in nature. You will build the strength and serenity that come from looking within and trusting your own true nature. The traditional tales of yoga offer us lessons on life. Gods or Goddesses—each of the characters becomes a role model. They highlight the many aspects of our own selves, allowing us to cultivate the parts of us we most want to see shine.

In our own way, we are all heroes. We all carry the energy and wisdom to remove the obstacles that keep us from living fully. Join us on this journey as we explore a more fully-realized version of who we can all become.

During this weekend, you will:

  • Relax, renew, and unplug
  • Experience asana from the inside out
  • Discover how traditional tales can help us with modern life
  • Spend time connecting with nature as a healing force