Divine Heart Center invites you to achieve deep states of meditation and expanded consciousness. The following techniques will be taught and practiced in addition to other Reiki Raja Yoga techniques:

Reiki Kriya Meditation

An intense meditation technique directly revealed to Grandmaster Shailesh promotes healing of all aspects of the seeker’s life as well as leading to ultimate liberation. A must-know technique for the serious seeker who has worldly duties to accomplish but ultimately wants to seek liberation. We have not seen a more comprehensive meditation technique.

Kriya Yoga Meditation

Basic and advanced Kriya Yoga techniques will be practiced to help the seekers accelerate their evolution and progress closer to self-realization.

Healing Chants

Precise and enjoyable chants of the Divine Heart Center create a vibration in the aura of the seeker which then helps with healing of the entire aura.

Intention Manifestation

Technique to invoke the energy of the universe to manifest your worthwhile and uplifting intentions.

Spiritual Boost

Transmission of Divine Grace and Will Power from the source into the body, mind, and aura of the attendees to support their practice even after the retreat is over.