Need some “me time?” Want to reconnect with your practice, create a daily sequence that is doable for your schedule after you get home? Love the idea of discussing yoga philosophy in a lively conversation with other women? If yes, then join this weekend retreat to unwind and reboot.

During the Spring Equinox a state of balance is reached between sunlight and darkness. As yoginis we learn the value of strength and ease in our postures, and the benefits of both active and passive styles of practice, to create more harmony in our lives. As spring begins, be prepared with some practical tools to keep you in balance as we move toward the more active months ahead.

Each day includes both active and passive/restorative asana, pranayama, and meditation. The retreat is geared towards students and teachers with an ongoing practice looking to refine alignment, broaden knowledge of philosophy, and connect to the internal energetic aspects of a pose.