For the first time, Pandit Tigunait is teaching an aspect of right-hand tantra that has been a carefully guarded secret for centuries. Experience the puja of 64 Yoginis, Rudra Yaga, and Sri Chakra Puja, and partake in the healing and life-changing energy emitting from the shaktis presiding over these yantras and mandalas.

“This is the beginning of a new history in the field of tantric yoga and tantric spirituality.”

– Pandit Rajmani Tigunait, PhD


Why Now?

Our society is run by fear and riddled with uncertainty and indecisiveness. We must summon the courage to change the course of events, as well as to empower ourselves with independent thinking, clear vision, and self-trust. The practice we will learn during this New Year’s Immersion is one of the surest means of accomplishing this goal. As we participate in this practice, we’ll gather the tools for conquering our inner unrest and strengthening our resolve to face and overcome the demands of this troubled world. We’ll put our resolution into practice by undertaking a group practice of 64 Yoginis, Rudra Yaga, and Sri Chakra—the embodiment of tantric experience.

General Structure of Study and Practice

This program is divided into two parts. The first part focuses on the rituals of right-hand tantra and has the celebrated tantric practices of 64 Yoginis, Rudra Yaga, and Sri Chakra puja at its core. The second part focuses on tantric meditation in the samaya tradition of the Himalayan Masters. Both parts of the program are highly experiential.

Each morning, Panditji will teach the dynamics of the group practice we will be doing in the afternoon. He will explain its inner meaning and provide insight into what the practice and its fruits mean in our personal life. In the afternoons, you will participate in the practice of Rudra Yaga and Sri Chakra Puja. In the evenings, Panditji will answer any questions that arise during the afternoon practice.

Prior to the New Year’s Immersion, numerous senior students and teachers living both at the Institute and in other parts of the world will undertake an 11-day practice (December 17–27).

The intention behind their practice is to infuse the collective consciousness with the energy conducive to Rudra Yaga and Sri Chakra Puja that you will be experiencing in the afternoons. Many of these individuals will be available should you need personal assistance with the recitation of the mantras or with following the steps of the ritual.

Transition from Tantric Rituals to Tantric Meditation

Your understanding of and participation in Tantric Rituals will be immensely useful in laying the foundation for Tantric Meditation. The two go hand in hand: Rituals enable you to identify the subtle steps and procedures of meditation, while the meditative techniques breathe life into rituals. Together, rituals and meditation open the door to experiencing the full range of tantra.

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